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"His easy rapport with the pupils, kindness and willingness to help meant that he was able to make a real impact with the pupils he worked with. We were very lucky to have him!."

John Weiner Deputy Head- Dunottar School

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Don't allow your young people to fall through the cracks 

We address the grey area!

In a world where some young people may slip through the cracks of support due to reluctance or social stigma, One Step Mentoring emerges as a guiding light. We recognize that not every young person requires intensive counselling, but every individual regardless of their background or struggles, deserves to have someone believe in their potential. We provide the essential compass that helps them navigate life's challenges, fostering resilience and determination.

One Step Mentoring: The back Story

With a unique journey spanning over 15 years in the realm of public speaking, Alex has emerged as a seasoned and impactful voice in the education sector. His story began with poetry, a creative outlet that evolved into addressing and mentoring students, and eventually, capturing national audiences on television. Over the last 4 years, he has dedicated himself to instilling a sense of purpose, raising attainment levels, and nurturing ambition amongst young people. His approach is not merely motivational; it's transformative. Through compelling keynote speeches, engaging workshops, and personalized 1-1 mentoring, Alex imparts practical tools and the invaluable mindset of taking "one step" forward daily.

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 I've witnessed first hand the incredible impact Alex has had as a mentor and role model to students. His inclusive approach and genuine interest in the young people he works with has a fantastic impact on their wellbeing, motivation and academic achievement. He has helped some pupils with behaviour issues, some with self confidence, some who are dealing with personal upset and grief,  and he has been a listening ear and confidant to many more.  He is a valued asset wherever he goes. 

Deborah Moore- Senior Pastoral Lead

We have witnessed an incredible transformation in our foster child since he began working with Alex . there has been a noticeable change in his demeanour and outlook on life. Our foster child expressed how comforting it was to talk to someone who truly understood him. This sense of understanding created a safe space for him to share openly about his previous life, something he had struggled with before. Alex's empathetic and relatable nature broke down barriers, allowing our foster child to express his thoughts and feelings in ways he hadn't done before. We are deeply grateful to Alex for the change we've seen in him.

Foster Carer

Alex consistently demonstrates unwavering dedication to the well-being and growth of the youth he works with, offering guidance with compassion and empathy. His integrity, patience, and positive influence makes him an invaluable asset in nurturing the potential of the next generation.

Mike Omoniyi Chief Executive | The Common Sense Network

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