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An Inside Look at Alex McLean

Hello, I'm Alex, a dynamic and engaging individual with a mission that revolves around unlocking the immense potential within every young person I encounter. My journey thus far has taken me through both private and public schools across London, providing me with a unique vantage point to understand the diverse challenges young individuals face today.

My own life experiences have shaped my perspective profoundly. I was once excluded from school, a challenge that ignited my determination to overcome obstacles and succeed. Along my journey, I attained a law degree, showcasing my commitment to education and personal growth. Additionally, I'm working towards a Diploma in Education and Training, a testament to my dedication to empowering others through knowledge and mentorship.

Outside the academic realm, I am also a semi-professional footballer, a pursuit that requires discipline, teamwork, and resilience — qualities I deeply value and instil in my mentoring approach.

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