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School Services

At the heart of One step's services lies a commitment to fostering a transformative experience for young people. Our approach is grounded in the creation of a safe, honest, and relaxed environment, carefully crafted to resonate with every individual.

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Raising Attainment

One step's talks and workshops challenge students to change their perspective towards education, seeing it as a springboard rather than a burden. Students will feel more purpose driven to study which will translate into the grades they achieve.

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Behaviour influences culture and culture creates people. One step aims to help students understand the impact of behaviour and take ownership. This leads them on a path to a new perspective that helps them to make practical changes for the better. 

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Mental Health Support

In a world where mental health challenges are prevalent, One step stands as a beacon of support, offering comprehensive workshops and personalised 1-1 clinics. These sessions serve as transformative spaces where practical tools are provided to tackle mental health challenges head-on. 

Corporate Services

At OneStepMentoring, we believe that when teams thrive, businesses flourish. That's why we collaborate with fellow professionals to deliver tailored solutions to corporate environments. Our partnerships are centered around empowering teams, fostering growth, and ultimately contributing to the success of businesses.

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Team Building

At OneStepMentoring, we believe in the power of strong and healthy teams. A workplace where staff feel a genuine sense of unity and belonging is where excellence thrives. We are committed to delivering dynamic team-building workshops designed to strengthen bonds, enhance collaboration, and foster a culture where every team member feels valued.

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Cultural Competency

We understand that a culturally competent staff culture is the cornerstone of success. It's where innovation, collaboration, and productivity find their roots. Our workshops go beyond tolerance; but instead aim to create an environment where diverse perspectives are  acknowledged and valued as contributors to collective success.

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Public Speaking

We believe that learning doesn't stop, and professionals can continually enhance their skills for ongoing success. The programs are designed to meet the unique needs of adult professionals, providing targeted guidance for confident and effective communication.

Football Academy Services

At One Step Mentoring, we understand the unique challenges faced by young individuals navigating high-pressure football academy environments. The intense and fast-paced culture can be overwhelming, leaving many young athletes unequipped to cope with its demands. That's where we step in.

Our mission through our interactive workshops is to enrich young players in areas that extend far beyond the football pitch. We focus on enhancing their communication skills, teaching effective emotional regulation ,nurturing mental resilience, and fostering leadership qualities. We firmly believe that character development is as crucial as honing their football skills.

Don't allow your young talents be thrown into a career they lack the mental fortitude to manage. Together, let's empower the next generation of football stars to reach their full potential.

Private Practice

At the heart of our private practice is a profound belief: with the right guidance, young people can blossom into the best versions of themselves. We are dedicated to providing parents and carers with a sense of hope and assurance that, with our support, their young people can navigate challenges, build resilience, and embark on a journey of personal growth.  

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We understand that every young person is unique, and their needs are diverse. Our private services are carefully crafted to address individual requirements, ensuring a personalized and effective approach. Some of our work inlcudes but is not limited to bereavement support, confidence building, emotional regulation and motivation.

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